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ONDA Pvt Ltd has taken surfing in Sri Lanka seriously since March 2012 and is now already the #1 Sri Lankan surfboard and accessories distributor. Finding and choosing the right brand to represent was of primordial importance and with Global Surf Industries from Australia it was a perfect match. GSI, with more then 14 quality brands in there portfolio has been a key to the success of ONDA-surf in the Sri Lanka’s surf scene.

Since October 2012 ONDA Pvt Ltd is also the exclusive distributor for FCS fins and the different ranges of surf accessories available. Gorilla grips, FCS fins and much more.

Each board needs a sticky side and ONDA has partnered up with one of the best surf board waxes from down under. The controversial brand STICK IT is now available from ONDA and the shops it supplies along the Sri Lankan coastline. STICK IT ‘tropical’ and ‘warm water’ wax is amazing and ideal for hot tropical climates like Sri Lanka. Try and you’ll never touch other wax again!

Come to Sri Lanka and travel with your favorite board. Protect it from the sun, rough tranport on a tuk tuk or bus. ONDA has now surfboard bags which are light, resistant to the elements and cool looking. When you plan a trip to Sri Lanka contact us and we’ll hook you up with the best gear available on the island from the numerous outlets we stock year round.

ONDA stands for quality so don’t buy cheap imitations and get the real thing, take care of it and it will last you a lifetime!

East coast, West coast, surfs up!

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